Djibah Sarl

Seafood Processing Facility

Marine fisheries are very important to the economy and well being of coastal communities globally and especially so in developing and underdeveloped nations. An active fishing industry provides food security, job security, job opportunities, revenue and, in Djibouti’s case, vital export income as a result of weak domestic demand for fish and fish products. For Djibouti and many other developing countries in Africa, the annual fishing revenues and catch statistics as reported by the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) lie significantly behind comparable coastlines of similar countries of equivalent opportunity.

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The Current Situation in Djibouti

Strategically located in the Horn of Africa, the Republic of Djibouti has a coastline that stretches a total of 376 kilometers and a maritime area of 6,280 square kilometers. The coastline of Djibouti is equivalent in size to that of Maine, USA. Djibouti is bordered on the north by Eritrea, on the west and south by Ethiopia and on the south-east by Somalia.

Under the leadership of three term President Ismael Omar Guelleh, foreign investment in the country has enjoyed economic and political support, growth and stability. Presidential elections are to happen in summer of 2016.

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6,280Square Kilometers of Maritime Area
376Kilometers of Fishable Coastline
The Product and Potential

All seafood products available off Djibouti's coastline are in scope for project DJIBAH. High value shell fish products such as lobster, prawn and other crustaceans are immediate cash redeemable. DJIBAH's model however, is built upon the supply and demand for Blue Swimming Crab, which is in plentiful supply. Fish and other economically viable product lines will be supplemental to our core focus. DJIBAH will prioritize and build facilities to handle 20 tonnes of Crab per day and a capability to process up to 5 tonnes of fresh fish per day.

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Comparison: Djibouti vs Bahrain

To highlight the potential of the industry, we compare Djibouti with the mature fishing industry of Bahrain. Bahrain has 180 kms of coastline and Djibouti has 376 kms of coastline. The coast off Djibouti is nutrient rich due to the upwelling current from the Indian ocean yet the ‘catch’ Bahrain versus Djibouti shows the potential that is untapped off Djibouti.

DJIBAH conducted tests with fishermen from Bahrain possessing more than 30 years’ experience and both of them were “amazed” at the yield and variety of high value species caught in the traps.

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